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How I Earned 220,000 Miles Per Dollar

Step 1) Sign up for card with 50,000 miles on first purchase.

Step 2) Spend 25¢ on parking.

Step 3) Add an authorized user, then secure message Chase to match the current offer of 5,000 miles for doing so.

Step 4) PROFIT!


This doesn’t even include the $50 statement credit. I ended up putting $50 toward my cell phone bill, since that’s one thing I can pay in advance and where I don’t have a card that earns category bonuses. Oh how I wish this offer was repeatable/churnable 😀

But just so I don’t get on Chase’s bad side, I’ll have to figure out instances to use this card. That’ll be tough, since I earn more UA miles with my other Chase cards — this card is only 1x on most purchases while my Freedom is 1.1x +10; on United Airlines purchases, this card gets 2x miles, but my Chase Sapphire Preferred earns 2x + a 7% yearly bonus.

I’m really excited for these miles. I’m currently on a trip to India and Asia using US Airways miles for Star Alliance partners, and have First Class segments on United, Swiss, and Thai, as well as Business Class on Singapore Airlines. It’s been an amazing experience so far, including getting a Mercedes ride from the First Class Terminal at Frankfurt to my plane to Zurich.

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