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South America 2012 Trip Report: American Airlines Admirals Club JFK

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: American Airlines Admirals Club, New York JFK

Part 3: LAN Business Class: New York to Lima

Part 4: LAN Economy Class: Lima to Cuzco and back

Part 5: Machu Picchu

Part 6: Radisson Decapolis Lima

Part 7: SUMAQ Lounge

Part 8: LAN Business Class Lima to Easter Island

Part 9: Easter Island

Part 10: LAN Business Class: Easter Island to Santiago

Part 11: Santiago

Part 12: Neruda Lounge

Part 13: LAN Business Class: Santiago to Lima

Part 14: LAN Business Class: Lima to New York

Part 15: Yotel New York City

Part 16: American Airlines Transcontinental Business Class: New York to Los Angeles


I started my trip in Los Angeles the day prior, by flying Delta Air Lines from LAX to JFK. Last year, I was flying during a time when weather grounded a lot of operations in New York, so a lot of flights were overbooked. I volunteered my seat 3 times in one day and earned $1200 in Delta flight vouchers. I used $155 from one voucher to fly Delta from LAX to JFK, so I don’t count as a cost of the trip. I flew the day before since I didn’t want to miss my outgoing flight to South America on a different carrier, plus I have a lot of friends in NYC that I wanted to catch up with on a Saturday night.

On the day of international flight, I used the GroundLink app to order a car, mainly because I had received a $75 credit via a Jetsetter Groupon-like deal. With taxes and fees, I ended up paying a total of $20 out-of-pocket for the ride, much less than a cab. A good deal in my book. My driver showed up before time and was quiet the entire ride, so I just played with my iPhone while on the Van Wyck. Smartphone-playing, my generation’s solution to social interaction.

This picture taken with my fifth limb (iPhone).

Since I was flying business class, check-in was very quick, as there was only 1 other person in front of me. I got my boarding pass and headed toward the AA Admirals Club just past security.

Thankful that I’m not in the never-ending Economy line

The AA Admirals Club is accessible to anyone with an Admirals Club membership, to anyone flying international business class on AA or OneWorld partner (such as LAN), and for any OneWorld Sapphire Elites flying a OneWorld international flight in any cabin (AA Platinum, 50K elite miles/year, is OW Sapphire).
There is also the Flagship Lounge within the Admirals Club, accessible to anyone flying international/transcontinental First Class on AA or OneWorld partners, as well as OneWorld Emeralds traveling internationally on OneWorld flights in any cabin (AA Executive Platinum, 100K elite miles/year, is OW Emerald).

Flags Outside the AA Admirals Club

Entrance to the Admirals Club

AC Bar


The lounge is decent if you just need a place to relax before a flight, check your email, or grab a drink. Drinks aren’t free for members, but if you are in the club because of a business class ticket or status, you should get free drink chits from the desk. It’s an annoying set up, I think.

My flight coincided with the Super Bowl, Giants v. Patriots. Pretty awesome that the Giants won while I was in New York City. I was just barely able to watch the ending before boarding my flight, LAN #531 to Lima, continuing onward to Santiago.

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