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Asia 2012 Trip Report: Lufthansa First Class Terminal at Frankfurt

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: United Airlines LAX-SFO, United International First Class Lounges at LAX/SFO

Part 3: United Airlines Global First Class, San Francisco to Frankfurt

Part 4: Lufthansa First Class Terminal at Frankfurt


The First Class Terminal is a haven for flyers, and a destination in itself for frequent flyer heads. The only way for most people to access it is to depart in Lufthansa or SWISS First Class the same day, though there are some back-door ways some people have employed. Lufthansa is known for rarely releasing First Class award tickets, but I was able to find a Zurich-Hong Kong flight in SWISS First Class later this day, so I got access that way.

The terminal is actually meant for passengers originating in Frankfurt, but many connecting passengers go through immigration just to make the walk to the separate facility.

Since I had to sacrifice a passport stamp box to enter the Schengen zone, I figured I’d head out into the area. I decided on Mainz, a town about 25 minutes away on the S8 S-Bahn train. There’s a Gutenberg museum there, so I checked that out on the cheap thanks to my International Student ID Card.

I spent a bit of time in Mainz before hopping on a train back to the airport. As I exited the Flughafenbahnhof (German for “airport train station”), I found myself at the taxi queue that marks the path from the main terminal to the First Class Terminal. Left turn to the promised land!

I took the elevator up and walked into an empty foyer, perfect for some pictures. I approached the check-in desks, where the security agents saw me and called over a personal assistant. That’s right … each passenger gets a personal assistant while in the facility.

A PA named Christoph soon arrived, a bit flustered as he explained they were short-staffed today. He made sure my bags had arrived at FRA and were tagged to HKG. “Okay, sir, your bags are safely in our hands. I can confirm you have access to the First Class Terminal today. Please follow me inside.”

More beautiful words have never been said.

And a more beautiful lounge I have yet to see. It actually looks smaller in person than it does in pictures, but it’s still plenty large enough for the privileged few who have access to it. After check-in is the world’s friendliest and most easy-going security screening. The German equivalent of TSA agents even carried my bags for me through to the lounge.

My personal assistant arrived with my boarding passes to HKG in a Lufthansa First Class jacket and asked if I would like to dine at the restaurant, go to the bar, visit the Cigar Lounge, or relax in a work area. I asked to have a shower, since I hadn’t had one since L.A., and was give the room with the bathtub (and a waiting rubber ducky!).

Gotta love real ticket jackets …

Shower facility. Yes, this is an airport lounge.

This might have made its way into my carry-on …

After my shower, I had a wonderful lunch at the restaurant. What a way to dine. There are waiters who take orders, although most of the menu is available at a buffet table at the back.

Lunch menu

A hodgepodge of meal selections.

Delicious German pretzel, with mustard that would clear your sinuses.

Afterwards, I spent some time in the comfortable chairs facing the main terminal. One negative about the FCT is that there are no tarmac views, but I guess they make up for the location with how they take you to the plane (wait for it, it’s AWESOME)

I also tried to figure out one thing to order from the extensive bar, and after a thorough survey, decided on a glass of cognac to accompany an hour in the relaxation chairs at the far corner of the building. Ahhh, this is the life. It’s so easy to forget you’re in an airport.

These chairs rock you to sleep with the built in speaker system within the base.

I was about to nod off to sleep, until my Personal Assistant came by and said, “Sir, your plane is ready to board. Please follow me to your car.”

I mentioned that the First Class Terminal is far from the main terminal, and because of that, the gates for aircraft. Lufthansa’s solution to this is to drive passengers directly to the plane, bypassing the line within the terminal, and giving you direct boarding access.

And since this is Germany, that car is either a Mercedes S-Class or Porsche Cayenne. Like I said … awesome.

I shared the car with a HON Circle elite flyer in Economy on my flight. He asked if I’d ever been to Zürich – I had at a very young age, but explained today I was going to Hong Kong, leaving out details of how I was coming all the way from Los Angeles and eventually going to India.

The car ride was spectacular. And the fact that it was in a Mercedes S-Class made it even more unbelievable. You could cram me in the back of a FIAT and drive through an airport like that and it’d still be an amazing experience. Probably have more legroom than a regional jet, too.

The driver escorted us from the car to a “secret entrance” underneath the jetway. The jetway has glass paneling, so throughout the process, I was getting looks from people wondering who the hell I was. Now this is the way to board a plane!

Auf wiedersehen

  1. ryan from MA
    June 21, 2012 at 11:00 am

    just found ur blog! love the trip reports! hey so First class lounges and terminals are only for DEPARTING 1st class ticket holders on swiss or lufthansa…not ARRIVING?

    • June 21, 2012 at 11:11 am

      Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it!

      The FCT/FCLs are meant for passengers departing in Lufthansa/SWISS First Class that day. My SWISS First Class ticket from Zurich to Hong Kong allowed me in to the Frankfurt FCT because it was the same day, and the SWISS FCL since it was right before my flight.

      If you arrive at Frankfurt in Lufthansa First Class and are connecting to a Lufthansa Business Class flight, you might have success getting in to the FCT, but only if you arrived in Lufthansa First Class the same day.

      If you’re arriving on a Lufthansa long-haul in Frankfurt, you can access the Arrivals lounge if you’re arriving in First or Business (or have Lufthansa status). It’s the same thing in Zürich for SWISS arrivals. The Arrivals Lounge is past customs/immigration and baggage claim.

      • Ryan from MA
        July 11, 2012 at 7:14 pm

        Hey big man! So I just got First class tix from BOS-FRA. Right now my layover is only 2 hours in FRA, then FRA-ZRH, 4 hrs in ZRH, and then ZRH-BKK on Thai 1st class.

        What do you recommend I do? I could pay the $75 (total $150 for my fiance and me) and really enjoy all the First Class lounges and the First Terminal. But I wonder, after reading your post about the Swiss Lounge, esp regarding the food, that I should just go to Zurich and go to one their lounges. BUT I have no idea which lounge access I could get.

        Can you give me some recs?
        Thanks man!

      • Amol
        July 11, 2012 at 9:26 pm

        Hey Ryan, since you’re flying Thai First out of ZRH, you’d get access to the Senator lounge, which is nice, but not as nice as the First Class lounges. Only SWISS First passengers and HON Circle flyers get the F lounge.

        Are you flying BOS-FRA on LH First? If so, you can access the Lufthansa FCT in Frankfurt by virtue of that ticket (even though you have a business ticket to ZRH, I’ve heard of people being able to access the lounge with an inbound Lufthansa F flight). I’d definitely choose more time there than a Senator Lounge.

        If you do switch flights, I’d also try to see if you can get on Thai’s 77W, which also flies out of CDG as well as FRA. I don’t see a particular reason to transit ZRH unless you’re flying SWISS, and although CDG is a tougher transit, I find the 77W to be a great enough product to warrant it.

  2. Ryan from MA
    July 12, 2012 at 5:22 am

    hrmmm cool! thanks for the info man. But I guess the question I have is spending $150 worth just 2 more hours (4hrs total vs. 2 hrs) for the FCT? I could still stop by the FCL for the 2 hours i’m in frankfurt, no?

    I looked at CDG-BKK and I dont see any availability though I’m flying that 77W on the way back!

    • Amol
      July 12, 2012 at 5:58 am

      It’s really up to you, I spent about 3 relaxing hours there on this trip. 2 hours might be tough since its your total layover coming from Boston. To get to the FCT requires going through immigration (which you’d have to do anyway) and leaving the airport to walk outside and enter the FCT … all that might take upwards of 30 minutes.

      The FCLs have mostly the same amenities, it’s just the Mercedes ride that sets the FCT apart. Personally, I wouldn’t pay the $150 just for the FCT over an FCL.

      Has there a been a schedule change during occur in your itinerary at all? You can ask to be placed on a later FRA-ZRH flight, saying that you’re uncomfortable with the short layover (and FRA can be a #%^+ to transit).

      • Ryan from MA
        July 12, 2012 at 7:07 am

        nice nice!….how would i know if there was a change? would they email about that or i just need to watch the times on a daily basis?

      • Amol
        July 12, 2012 at 7:45 am

        You should get an email if there’s a schedule change, though if it’s within 21 days of departure, I wouldn’t bet too much on it happening.

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