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Asia 2012 Trip Report: Lufthansa FRA-ZRH, SWISS First Class Lounge at Zürich

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: United Airlines LAX-SFO, United International First Class Lounges at LAX/SFO

Part 3: United Airlines Global First Class, San Francisco to Frankfurt

Part 4: Lufthansa First Class Terminal at Frankfurt

Part 5: Lufthansa FRA-ZRH, SWISS First Class Lounge at Zürich


Lufthansa 1196, FRA-ZRH
4:35pm-5:30pm (55m)
Boeing 737-300
Seat 2A, European Business Class

In Europe, they don’t have first class on regional flights. They only have business class. And business class is actually just economy class with the middle seat blocked (usually). Thus, it’s not really much to call home about, as it’s just an economy class seat with business class service. This flight was only 55 minutes, and it seemed the pilots didn’t want it to be a minute more, since they sped along taxiways and runways to get to Zurich in a jiffy. I eschewed any service save for a glass of Coke Light, since I knew better things awaited me in the lounge and next flight.

I went from a First Class Terminal and Mercedes S350 to this …

I’d rather Lufthansa just drive me all the way to Zürich in the Benz

At least Lufthansa doesn’t place their ads all over their napkins *cough*United*cough*

Landing shadow at ZRH

Zürich FCL

A quick disembarkation from Row 2 and a walk down the concourse put me in the HON Circle/First Class lounge before 5:40pm. My flight wouldn’t depart for another 5 hours, so I asked for a day room to have a nap and another shower before my flight. I was told that if I wanted a shuttle ride to the flight, that I should report at 10:05pm to the front desk.

Already, a huge difference between the men (Lufthansa) and the boys (SWISS), at least when it comes to ground service. Lufthansa would come to get you, while SWISS makes you report to them.

Day room in the FCL. Forgot to take a picture of the shower.

I napped for about 3 hours, catching up on the sleep that I didn’t get on my United flight. The shower is great, and I love the Bvlgari toiletries they give you there. I ended up taking them with me and gave them to family members whose bags didn’t show up in India for a while. They loved them as well.

A bit after 9pm, I indulged in possibly the best lounge meal I’ve ever had. That usually wouldn’t be saying much, but I’ll still say it. It was on par with a great restaurant – the presentation, the service, and the food. Again, this is all included in the ticket!

Table setting


DELICIOUS Duck entrée

Raspberry brownie dessert

I ended my meal at 9:40pm and surveyed the rest of the lounge, awaiting the 10:05pm shuttle to the far end of the airport.

I’m like a kid in a candy store.

Waiting near the front desk for the van limo to the gate, since I wouldn’t want to miss it and walk across Switzerland to my gate.

Myself and 3 others were escorted through a separate passport control (to exit the Schengen zone), then to a waiting Mercedes van. Two of us were on the Hong Kong flight while the other two were on the flight to Bangkok.

After a rather long drive through the bowels of Zürich’s airport, we were escorted through a service entrance to an elevator and dropped off within the terminal to go find our gates. Again, boys (SWISS) vs. men (Lufthansa). Although the boys are better chefs.

The other First passenger to HKG asked if I knew where I was going. I responded to her … “I think so?”

“Good, I’ll just follow you.”

We talked on the way to the gate, and she asked me why I wasn’t wearing a jacket since it was a chilly night in Switzerland. I explained that I was just connecting and didn’t really mean to exit the climate-controlled airport.

“You’re connecting from California?!?!”

I gave a poker face as to how she knew and began to think how to convince this woman, about my age, that I wasn’t crazy.

“Your accent gave it away.”


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