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Asia 2012 Trip Report: Singapore Airlines Business Class, Singapore to Hanoi

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Singapore Airlines 176, SIN-HAN
9:50am-12:20pm (3h30m)
Boeing 777-200
Seat 14K, old business class

We entered the aircraft to see the old business class, and already my sister commented, “This looks old.” My first reaction as well in Bangkok, but I’m a fan. As long as it’s a day flight and you avoid the middle seat in the center section, you really can’t complain. The seats recline pretty far if you just want to relax for a 3 to 4-hour flight. With the requisite amazing service expected from Singapore Airlines (SQ), it turned out to be a great flight. That’s the thing I’ve realized about flying SQ. They set their expectations so high that an amazing flight is almost always expected.

With 4 SQ business class flights in less than 2 weeks, I’ve gotten used to the pre-flight routine. Magazines, newspapers, pre-departure beverage, confirmation of Book The Cook order, orders for post-takeoff beverage, the entire gamut. Wonderful service, as usual.

For this flight to Hanoi (HAN), service was bit more relaxed than the shorter service from Bangkok (BKK). It still blew US airlines out of the water. Too bad they don’t “give away” business and first class via elite status upgrades. Then again, methinks that those two things are related …

Here’s the menu, though I kept with my BTC meal of Singapore Chicken Rice and my vegetarian sister stuck with the BTC Roasted Vegetables I had placed an order for.

Lunch menu:Singapore to Hanoi (SQ 176)

Vietnamese style seafood salad with dragon fruit

Beef Oscar
Fillet of beef with white asparagus and prawn in hollandaise sauce

Gaeng phrik pla
Thai style red curry fish, seasonal vegetables and steamed rice

Braised chicken with bailing mushroom, beancurd with vegetables and fried ee fu noodle.

Opera cake with coffee sauce

Gourmet cheese with garnishes

A selection of fresh fruit

Gourmet coffees & selection of fine teas, with pralines.

And if you’re interested in the return sector …

Lunch menu: Hanoi to Singapore (SQ 175)

Sundried tomato-orzo salad with marinated scallops and greens

Pan seared rolled beef with enoki mushroom, fine beans in xo sauce, mushroom rice

Cha ca thang long
Pan fried fish in rojak sauce with peanuts and rice vermicelli

Chicken stuffed with cheddar and spinach, roasted vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes

Dark chocolate crème brulee

Gourmet cheese with garnishes

A selection of fresh fruit

Gourmet coffees & selection of fine teas, with pralines

Yummy olive bread

Seafood salad. Starting a week of dragon fruit consumption.

Singapore Chicken Rice. Even better than the first time.

Roasted Vegetables. You can see my sister imitating the ‘bon appetit’ wave mentioned below.

Opera cake

Okay, I lied about no pics from the Mumbai-Singapore flight in the last post. This was the dessert on that flight, so I’ll just sneak this in …

Small cheese plate. They ran a cart with selections, but I was already stuffed.

Chocolates. This is a 3-hour flight!

Our Singapore Girl in the cabin was incredible throughout the flight. Even in a business class, our place settings were always prettied up just a bit between courses. After placing a dish down, she would perform a subtle wave of her wrist while saying, “Bon appetit” or “Enjoy.” It’s the little things that stand out.

After our meal service, we had about 75 minutes left until Hanoi. I dozed off in a food coma for a bit; upon awaking, my sister mentioned that they also ran a golf cart of ice cream and was tempted to partake. This is almost too much food, but hey, who’s complaining?

The FA came to talk with us about our upcoming trip for a while (we were the only non-business types or non-Vietnamese-origin passengers in the cabin, so our choice of destination made her quite curious). My sister explained how Ha Long Bay has been on her bucket list and how I got us her first business class ticket.

“Well, sounds like you have quite a wonderful brother.”

Hear that, sis?

We were the first foreigners off the plane, so we were first in line for the Visa On Arrival. With an approval letter, the process was quick and we were through immigration within 10 minutes.

A quick trip to the ATM made us instant Vietnamese Millionaires. If you take an adolescent male with you to Vietnam, prepare for giggles when you tell him the name of the currency.

Cabs from the airport to the city cost about US$18. Or 400,000 Vietnamese Dong.

Or you can take a mini-bus (with “bus” being a very generous description … it’s a van) for US$1.70 per person, which drops you off close to the city-center, where you can take a cab to wherever you need to go. After close to a week in Hanoi, I’ll trust only one cab company – the green decaled Mai Linh company. Pretty much everyone else will try to rip you off…

  1. Tony
    December 27, 2012 at 2:10 am

    How much was your visa on arrival?

    • Amol
      December 27, 2012 at 8:45 am

      The price is now $45 for single entry. I paid $20 on a third-party website (myvietnamvisa.com) for the approval letter.

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