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Asia 2012 Trip Report: Bangkok / Park Plaza Soi 18

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: United Airlines LAX-SFO, United International First Class Lounges at LAX/SFO

Part 3: United Airlines Global First Class, San Francisco to Frankfurt

Part 4: Lufthansa First Class Terminal at Frankfurt

Part 5: Lufthansa FRA-ZRH, SWISS First Class Lounge at Zürich

Part 6: SWISS First Class, Zürich to Hong Kong

Part 7: Emirates A380 First Class Suites, Hong Kong to Bangkok

Part 8: Singapore Airlines Business Class, Bangkok to Singapore

Part 9: Exploring Singapore

Part 10: Singapore Airlines Business Class, Singapore to Mumbai

Part 11: Singapore Airlines Business Class, Mumbai to Singapore

Part 12: Singapore Airlines Business Class, Singapore to Hanoi

Part 13: Hanoi / Ha Long Bay

Part 14: Qatar Airways Economy Class, Hanoi to Bangkok

Part 15: Bangkok / Park Plaza Soi 18


My stay in Bangkok was the anti-Hangover II. On account of my love of Thai food, my first thing to do was attend a cooking class, which is probably the most kosher thing you can do, other than the fact that Thai food doesn’t usually qualify as kosher. Well, that depends … does the coconut milk in chicken green curry count as “milk?”

Anyway. My room in Silom was windowless, which was fine for a day because the proximity to the river made hopping on the Chao Phraya Express rather easy. But I soon moved from Silom to Sukhumvit Road, and stayed at the Park Plaza Soi 18 for easy access to the Asok BTS station, to head around the city rather quickly over the gnarliest traffic jams I’ve seen (and I’ve lived in cities known for traffic jams!).

For the deal they were giving, with a buy two nights get one free promotion, it was a great buy, and not that much more than hostels in the same area, about $59/night after the promotion and taxes. And yes, I have Club Carlson Gold status (from asking nicely, not from mattress runs), but I ended up downgrading after one night because larger Deluxe rooms face an apartment complex 10 feet away while smaller Superior rooms have an open view of the city toward Sukhumvit Road. Perhaps that’s something they should have thought through …

Nevertheless, some photos of the hotel, as well as some from the tourist traps:

Park Plaza Soi 18, Deluxe Room. You can see the less-than-deluxe view. Didn’t take pictures of the superior room, but it was probably about 4 inches less space between the bed and window. Hardly a problem, and makes the Deluxe room not worth the small upcharge (or elite upgrade).

I see a lot of newer hotels having windows between the bathroom and main bedroom. Fortunately, this one had shades (for when you double up on a room).

A dark hallway made this a tough picture, but this is the “entry console” as the bellman described it. The keys are proximity keys, and the light switches upon entering the room have “Do not Disturb” and “Please clean room” buttons that light up the corresponding signal on the console. Cool!

And elsewhere in the city by the Chao Phraya …

Cooking class

I made some friends at my cooking class. What’s the logical next place to go with new friends from a cooking class? Muay Thai boxing, of course!

I definitely recommend attending a match. The atmosphere is great, especially if you sit near the musicians.

Reclining Buddha

Wat Arun

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