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Aegean Raises Sign-Up Bonus to 2000 Miles – 50% of Star Silver, 10% of Star Gold

(H/T to Gary at View From the Wing)

Aegean used to give 1000 miles as a signup bonus to new members. While most signup bonuses are award miles, these miles are also tier miles that count toward status in Aegean. Since Aegean Airlines is a part of the Star Alliance, their elite levels give Star Alliance-wide benefits.

They are now giving a bonus of 2000 miles. How long will this be for? I don’t know. But, here’s what I do know:

– It takes 4,000 miles to qualify for Aegean Blue, which is Star Alliance Silver. This means that you only need 2,000 more miles to get benefits like a free bag on US Airways and United.

– It takes 20,000 miles to qualify for Aegean Gold, which is Star Alliance Gold. This means you only need 18,000 more miles to get things like lounge access on all Star Alliance flights, including domestic US Airways/United flights.

– My favorite Aegean (A3) award is a one-way intra-region business class for 21,000 miles. Aegean charges fuel surcharges for any carriers that charge them, but a one-way transcontinental flight on United Business (no fuel surcharges) is only 1,000 miles more than what’s needed for Star Gold, meaning the miles won’t be orphaned in a random account. Aegean also made their change policy very very friendly recently, charging only 20 Euros for a change or cancellation.

I recently received my Aegean Gold card in the mail, and the expiration date on the card shows December 2015. That’s over 3 years of Star Gold! My Aegean Blue/Star Silver card had a similar expiration date.

Aegean Star Gold through 12/2015. Swank luggage tag, too.

The 2,000 tier miles you receive will be good for a year from sign-up, so all you need to do is get 2,000 more miles within a year of signing up to qualify for Star Silver and keep the miles. Once you hit Star Silver, you have a year from that date to get 16,000 more miles to hit Star Gold.

Or you can just do what I did and get it all done in one trip. Although I did cheat a little bit by having Turkish Star Gold status via a status match, but to me, Aegean was a better long-term status to keep.

Keep in mind that not all flights on certain partners earn 100% mileage, so that’s definitely something you want to take into consideration before crediting flights to Aegean. It seems weird to me that almost all US Airways flights earn 100%, compared to United where the lowest fares earn 50% (though United flights do have minimum mileage). The full list of fare classes and mileage earned is here (scroll down to see partner earnings).

I think this status is great for people who fly Star Alliance only occasionally. Even if you fly coach on a trip, you’ll still get business class amenities on the ground with Aegean Star Gold (or, A3*G). Amenities like priority check-in, priority boarding, lounge access, and what-not. And it’s good for 3 years! Who knows, if you qualify in January 2013 , it might be good for close to 4 years until 12/2016.

If you want to read more about my thoughts on Aegean, they’re in an earlier post here.

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