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Domo Arigato, Alitalia — Major Deal for JFK-MAD and intra-Europe flights

I’ve taken advantage of “good fares” before (i.e., flying 10,000 miles in the air between two cities 3,000 miles apart, mostly for miles). But I’ve missed out on mistake fares. I might have just booked my first one.

The two famous ones this year were the original “RGN fare” – where you could book a one-way First class ticket from Rangoon, Myanmar to the USA for under $500 – and the “United 4-miler fare” – where United accidentally allowed people to book awards in First class to Hong Kong for only 4 miles + taxes.

The first one happened while I was in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, without internet access. By the time I found out about the mistake, it was gone. The second happened while I was in-flight between Tokyo and Los Angeles. However, most people’s tickets got canceled anyway.
Suddenly, today happened — Alitalia decided to offer a 25,000¥ discount on all fares booked on their site. In fact, as of me posting this, it’s still active.

The details are all in these posts – I don’t want to repeat what’s already been said. Check out the sources I used:

Hustle Blog

The Points Guy

The gist is that you get a ~$315 discount by booking through Alitalia’s JP site with the promo code, PROMOJP. I got JFK to Madrid for $285 round-trip, and Madrid to Istanbul on another itinerary for free. That second itinerary has a good chance of being canceled unilaterally by the airline. But United States D.O.T. rules are on my side for the transatlantic fare from New York. No worries – both Madrid and Istanbul are cities I’ve wanted to check out. If my MAD-IST itinerary gets canceled, I’ll just book another flight there if the price is right.

The best part is that I should earn over 13,000 Delta MQMs, which are half of what I need in order to re-qualify for Gold Medallion through 2014 (thank you, rollover!). I still need to find another way to JFK from LA, so that would be another 5,000 miles at least. Whether it’s a mistake fare or just pre-Alitalia bankruptcy sale, it should be a fun one!

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  1. Scott C
    October 20, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    I am jealous. I have been trying to make this work. while i can get the fares and book, the routing and times are crazy. I want to go skiing in switzerland instead of Colorado. So I can get JFK-MAD via Rome for $285. I can grab another round trip to go between Madrid and Milan for $0. I still have to position from ATL to JFK (miles or $$$) from Milan I have to catch a train or drive to my slope of choice in Switzerland. The times between the flights make this a 3 day journey to get to Switzerland, and a 3 day journey back. I could take 9 days out which oly leaves 3 for skiing. and there is no way my brother is going to go with this with all the legs and layovers involved. sigh……

    • Amol
      October 20, 2012 at 10:07 pm

      Look into using miles for MAD-ZRH (Iberia with Avios or SWISS Air with Star Alliance miles). I know MAD-LIN/MXP is free (for the time-being) but time is also money!

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