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Delta selling MQMs for as low as 10cpm

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Thanks to @GCRYAN on Twitter for linking me this … this offer was around last year and it looks like Delta is bringing it back this year.

You can buy 2500 MQMs at 15.8 cents per miles (cpm), 5000 MQMs at 11.9cpm, 7500 MQMs at 10.6cpm, or 10000 MQMs at 9.95cpm.

The main thing here to note is that these are not redeemable miles and will only count toward your MQM and Million Miler totals.

A better deal would be to apply for a Delta Platinum Amex or Delta Reserve Amex that offers MQMs as a signup bonus. This link will let you know if you are targeted for an offer — last year, I got 15000 MQMs and 40000 redeemable miles for a $1500 spending requirement. There was a $150 fee but I got a $100 statement credit as well. I canceled that card recently but Delta still thinks I hold it, so I wasn’t able to see if that deal still shows up. The Reserve offers 10,000 MQMs on first purchase, though has a heftier $450 fee that comes with Sky Club access.

If you are within 1500 MQMs of the next status, you may want to consider signing up for the Delta Sky Club with promo code SCMQM. At least you’re getting a tangible product with that purchase, and the price may be lower depending on your status level.

Note that if you are within 250 MQMs of the next status, you can get 250 MQMs for a 2-night stay at Hilton before December 15th.

If you can’t get a Reserve or Platinum Delta Amex, the only people who should be even be considering this are those at the cusp of a status level and who want to achieve that status level, especially Gold Medallion (explained below).

If you are going to fall short of Silver by less than 2500 MQMs and were considering a mileage run, this might be worth it if you think you’ll fly Delta even more next year. Remember that MQMs achieved before Silver status will not rollover — if you have 24,999 MQMs on December 31, you’ll have no status and 0 rollover the next year. If you have 25,001 MQMs on December 31, you’ll have status and 1 rollover MQM next year. There’s a huge difference there.

I think the biggest jump between status levels is between Silver and Gold, at the 50,000 MQM mark. You go from 25% bonus miles to 100% bonus miles, being able to book free domestic Economy Comfort 24 hours out to at booking, Sky Priority services, and international lounge access. I would definitely say that if you are within striking distance of 50,000 MQMs, this is a deal to consider if you don’t have time for a mileage run. The amount of money I’ve saved in being able to book Economy Comfort for free at booking outweighs the $200 mileage run I did to secure Gold last year. As Silver, I’d have to pay a discounted amount or gamble that a Economy Comfort seat is free at check-in (they’re pretty much never available at check-in).

Keep in mind that status is good until the end of February, not December, so you have 2 extra months of status. I have Gold Medallion until 2/28/2013 and will end the year at 49,975 MQMs. I’ll rollover 24,975 MQMs starting January 1st. I have about 22K miles of travel planned before the end of February, so I might be able to hit Gold sometime in early March. By qualifying for Gold in 2013 instead of 2012, I’ll get an extra year of status.

So, do I think this is a good deal? Not really … I’d rather make a quick mileage run for cheaper to earn both MQMs and Redeemable Miles. If I didn’t have the time, I’d take advantage of one of the other ways to earn MQMs — American Express, Hilton, Sky Club — before looking at this offer. If you have qualified for at least Silver Medallion, you’ll rollover MQMs to next year anyway. But if you’re in a bind and really want that next status level … at least Delta is giving you the option.

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